This is just a test page for the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association

This is just a test page for the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association

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Lieutenant Colonel William T. Anton, USACompany A-2 and National Headquarters – (University of Nebraska):  Member, Board of Directors, Army Ranger Association and Army Special Forces Association; elected to the Ranger Hall of Fame; led the first tactical parachute jump onto the polar ice cap; influential advocate for veterans causes and advocate for state and Federal “stolen valor” laws that address and penalize false valor claims. National Commander, 1969
Captain Arthur H. Barber, USNCompany C-12 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – Commanding Officer, Naval Base Norfolk; Executive Assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Operations
Brigadier General Christine Beeler, USACompany B-12 (Boston University) – Commanding General, US Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command
Brigadier General Walter J. Bickston, USACompany A-8 (City University of New York) – Chief of Staff 2nd Infantry Division, Chief of Staff XVIII Airborne Corps, Chief of Staff Sixth US Army, and Director J3, Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (later United States Central command)
Major General Patrick W. Burden, USACompany H-4 (Alabama A&M University) – Deputy Commanding General for Acquisitions and Systems Management, and Director for Combat Systems, US Army Futures Command; Deputy Commanding General, Combined Security Transition Command, Afghanistan
Major General Tod Carmony, USACompany A-1 (Ohio State University) – Commanding General, 38 th Infantry Division (Ohio National Guard); Commanding General, NATO Multinational Brigade East, Kosovo. See also, Science, Technology, Business, and the Professions
Major General Edward J. Chrystal, USACompany K-8 (Seton Hall University) – Special Assistant to the Director, Army National Guard; previously Commander, Land Component Command, Fort Dix, New Jersey and Deputy Adjutant General, State of New Jersey
Lieutenant General Bob Coffey, USACompany A-1 (Ohio State University), Deputy Commander, U.S. Army Europe
Brigadier General Gary S. Connor, USAFSquadron N-12 (University of Lowell (later University of Massachusetts—Lowell)) – Deputy Program Manager, Ballistic Missile Defense, DOD Missile Defense Agency and Chair, Pershing Fund for Student Veterans, University of Massachusetts–Lowell
Major General Anthony H. Conrad, Jr. USACompany D-6 (later D-17) (Louisiana State University). Commanding General, 5th Maneuver Area Command and 377th Theater Army Area Command
Major General Arthur T. Dean, USACompany J-8 (Morgan State University) – Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff G-1, Headquarters Department of the Army; Chairman and CEO, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
Major General Douglas Dollar, USACompany C-7 (Oklahoma State University) – Commanding General, 95th and 80th Divisions; founder of the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame
Brigadier General Thomas E. O'Donovan, USACompany B-12 (Boston University) – Assistant Adjutant General, State of Vermont
Lieutenant General Samuel Ebbesen, USACompany A-8 (City College of New York) – Commanding General, 6th Infantry Division; Commanding General, Second Army; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Personnel Policy · General Larry Ellis USA – Company J-8 (Morgan State University) – Commanding General, US Army Forces Command
General Larry Ellis, USACompany J-8 (Morgan State University) – Commanding General, US Army Forces Command
Brigadier General William Fiorentino, USACompany D-8 (Fordham University) – Project manager/program executive for Pershing Project Office, Joint Tactical Missile System, Ballistic Missile Defense, Army Space Study, Forward Area Air Defense Systems. Ordnance Hall of Fame
Brigadier General James J. Gallivan, USACompany M-16 (Florida State University) – Commanding General, US Army Test and Evaluation Command; Deputy Commanding General, 1st Armored Division; Chief of Staff, US Army Futures Command; Chief of Staff, 1st Cavalry Division; Deputy Chief of Staff, National Security Council, Washington DC
Rear Admiral Mack C. Gaston, USNCompany P-4 (later P-6) (Tuskegee University) – Commander, Defense Nuclear Agency Field Command and Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Also, senior staff officer, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington DC
Major General Harry D. Gatanas, USACompany A-8 (City College of New York) – Chief of Staff, 8th Personnel Command, Eigth Army, Seoul, Korea; Director for Contracting, Office of the Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition; Commander, Defense Contract Management Command; Senior Acquisition Executive, National Security Agency; Commander, White Sands Missile Range
Commander Robert S. Gerosa, USNCompany K-12 (Providence College) – 74th Captain of the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
Brigadier General Arnold N. Gordon-Bray, USACompany R-7 – (Central Missouri State University) Deputy Commanding General, US Army Cadet Command
Major General Kenneth Gray, USACompany H-1 (West Virginia State College) – First African American Judge Advocate General Officer; US Army Assistant The Judge Advocate General, 1993-1998
Brigadier General Edward F.  Gudgel, USACompany A-1 (Ohio State University) – Pershing Rifles member, 1942-1945; Transferred to West Point in 1945, Commander, II Field Force Artillery, Vietnam; Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Combined Arms Combat Developments Activity
Major General Patrick Higgins, USACompany Q-8 (Hofstra University) – Commanding General, Joint Forces Special Operations Command – Africa; Deputy Director for Requirements J-8, Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Major General George A. Horkan, USACompany E-4 (Mercer College) – 34th Quartermaster General of the Army
Major General Donald L. Jacka, USACompany G-7 (Kansas State University) – Commanding General, 3rd Corps Support Command; Commanding General V Corps (Rear); Deputy Director, J-4, Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Major General Galen Jackman, USACompany A-2 (University of Nebraska) – Commanding General, Military District of Washington; US Army Chief of Legislative Liaison
 First Lieutenant Richard O. Joyce, USAAFCompany A-2 (University of Nebraska) – Pilot in Doolittle’s WWII Tokyo Raid on 18 April 1942
General Jack Keane, USACompany D-8 (Fordham University) – Vice Chief of Staff of the Army; Distinguished Service Medal, Presidential Medal of Freedom. See also, Hall of Valor
Colonel Robert A. Kvederas, USACompany E-8 (New York University) – Chief of the Special Operations Division of The Army Staff; also credited, as a young lieutenant, with naming the security checkpoints between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, most notably, “Checkpoint Charlie”
Brigadier General Timothy Lake, USACompany N-4 (North Carolina A&T University) – Deputy Commander, Joint Task Force Guantanamo
General Curtis LeMay, USAFCompany A-1 (Ohio State University) – Commander, XXI Bomber Group, World War II Pacific Theater; Commander-in-Chief, US Air Forces Europe; Commander-in-Chief Strategic Air Command; Chief of Staff, United States Air Force
Major General Dennis E. Lutz, USACompany E-1 (University of Cincinnati) - Commanding General, 335th Theater Army Signal Command, which provided strategic command and control communications for both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. Later, Chair of the New York State Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Committee
 Brigadier General Thomas Maffey, USACompany N-8 (St. Peter’s College) – Vice Director J7, Joint Force Development, Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Director of Training G-3/5/7, Hq Dept. of the Army; combat service in Grenada, Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan
Brigadier General Charles McGee, USAFCompany C-3 (University of Illinois) – Tuskegee Airman; Total of 409 combat missions as a fighter pilot in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam
Lieutenant General Paul Mikolashek, USACompany D-1 (University of Akron) – Commanding General, Third Army; Army Inspector General
Major General James H. Mukoyama, USACompany C-3 (University of Illinois) – Commanding General, 70th Division
Major General Eric Nelson, USAFCompany E-8 (New York University) – Air Force Program Executive Officer for Command, Control, and Communications
General Colin Powell, USACompany A-8 (City College of New York) – Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of Staff, United States Army012_powell
Lieutenant General Michael Rochelle, USACompany C-15 (Now R-4 – Norfolk State University) – Commanding General, US Army Recruiting Command; Deputy Chief of Staff G-1, Headquarters, Department of the Army
Brigadier General Guy Sands-Pingot, USACompany D-8 (Fordham University) – Commanding Officer, 573rd Civil Affairs Command
General Hugh Shelton, USACompany L-4 (North Carolina State University)– Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Lieutenant General Michael Spigelmire, USACompany G-15 (Loyola University Baltimore) – Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Command; Commanding General, VII Corps
Brigadier General Ernest Talbert, USAFCompany E-8 (New York University) – Vice Commander, Delaware Air National Guard
Lieutenant General William E. Ward, USACompany J-8 (Morgan State University) – Commander-in-Chief, United States Africa Command
Lieutenant General Christopher P. Weggeman, USAF Company E-3 (Purdue University) – Deputy Commander, Air Combat Command
Brigadier General Robert Winzinger, USACompany S-8 (Niagara University)- Chief of Staff, 77th Army Reserve Command

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