Elizabeth McNair

Elizabeth McNair was inducted into the National Society of Pershing Rifles in Spring 2014 at Central State University (T-1). Received her degree in psychology and commissioned in the Pennsylvania Nation Guard as a Logistic Officer. She currently still serving as the SPO Transportation Officer at HHC 128 BSB.

In the civilian world, Elizabeth works as a Transportation Manager at Amazon in Chesapeake, VA. Elizabeth has been apart of NSPRAA since 2020 and currently serves as the VP of administration.

Areas within the VP Admin purview:

Administrative Assistant – Reporting to the V.P.-Admin & Finance, this Member of the Pershing Rifles Military Fraternity performs Volunteer services in the Graduate Division, coordinating administrative actions, assisting in the development of Policy, managing and handling official correspondence, and assisting with other administrative tasks, to include but not limited to:

  • Working with PRG and other staff members to improve the accuracy of the membership database
  • Working with Graduate Units to assist with database requests, and updating financial status of membership
  • Validating membership for Chartering Unit requests
  • Initiating, and managing the new membership packet process, to include coordination with 3rd party vendors and the fulfillment center.

Financial members may Apply by sending an email with your qualifications to vpadmin@pershingriflesalumni.org


Logistics Assistant – Reporting to the V.P.-Admin & Finance, this P/R is in charge of securing and maintaining supplies and resources needed for day-to-day operations and special events. Often works with PRG Logistics Manager in the assembly and mailing of NSPRAA new membership packets and the facilitation of mailing new member materials. Often coordinates the deployment of supplies for special events such as NATCON and other events as needed. Apply by sending an email with your qualifications to nspraa@pershingriflesalumni.org


Logistics Assistant – Brand & Vendor Manager

Postion Description:

Falling under the Operations Office, this position is responsible for the areas of Brand Management and Vendor Management.  Acting as the official “Keeper of the Brand” for NSPR, NSPRAA, PRG, and Blackjack Brand issues, they will assist in development and modification of policy, and track compliance with Brand and Vendor Policy.  They are responsible for soliciting and cultivating relationships with vendors who will bring positive energy and products to our membership.  This position will work with PRG in drafting/tailoring the base contract with external vendors, and will act as the single point of accountability for internal and external vending partners, managing and overseeing the Vendor licensing program.

  • This Position is empowered to develop staff as needed to successfully achieve the desired end state of control of the NSPR, NSPRAA, PRG, and BlackJack logos, and compliance with contractual agreements. Some of the responsibilities are:
    • Research, evaluate and identify viable vendor partners.
    • Help coordinate, and formulate workflow processes, methods, procedures and policies for applying vendors and for approvals of those vendors.
    • Coordinate all vendor management tasks inclusive of working with external vendors, the NSPAA Logistics Officer, and the PRG Store
    • Coordinate for all contracts to be reviewed by PRG Legal
    • Track their approvals and expiration dates, and renew or prohibit renewal in accordance with NSPRAA Policies..
    • Ensure tracking, of complaints regarding Vendors, report and evaluate vendor performance.
    • Monitor contractual agreements for all approved vendors to ensure adherence to Brand Policy, and terms of their licensing, Troubleshoot all vendor problems and present to management as required.
    • Support expansion across new business lines


    Comptroller/Finance Officer – Reporting to the V.P.-Admin & Finance, this P/R serves as the NSPRAA Comptroller, and specifically focuses on the creation and management of the Budget, the management and maintenance of financial payment channels, the collection, review, and disbursement of funds, and Reports and Audits.  Works with PRG Finance to ensure reimbursements and invoices are paid.  Army Finance Officers and accountants may be well suited for this position.  Apply by sending an email with your qualifications to nspraa@pershingriflesalumni.o