Rafael Chico-Lugo

Captain (CPT) Rafael Chico-Lugo was initiative into the National Society of Pershing Rifles in the Fall of 2007 from Norfolk State University Company R-4. During his time as an undergrad, CPT Chico help positions of Dean of Initiates, Company CO, and 4th Regimental Commander.

CPT Chico was commissioned in September of 2009 as a Field Artillery Officer. Upon completion of FABOLC and the PALADIN Commanders course in July of 2010, CPT Chico was assigned as a Company Fire Support Officer for Alpha Company 2nd Battalion 34th CAB in 1st Brigade 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas. In Early 2011, then 2LT Chico deployed to Maiwand District, Kandahar Province Afghanistan integrating the use of CAS/CCA Artillery and Mortar fires for the company in a kinetic environment. CPT Chico was wounded in combat after stepping on a pressure plate IED losing half of the left lower leg on a company patrol and medically evacuated out of theater.

CPT Chico was assigned to 2nd BN 3RD FAR in Fort Bliss, Texas as a Battalion Fire Direction Officer before taking command of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery. After 18 months of command CPT Chico was assigned as an Assistant Professor of Military Science for the University of Cincinnati in September of 2017 as the MS III Assistant Instructor, and the National Society of Pershing Rifles military drill fraternity E-1 advisor.

CPT Chico’s degrees include: B.S in Interdisciplinary Studies, M.A. in International Relations, currently completing the final year in a Ph.D. program in Organizational Development and Leadership specializing in Diversity management.