Willis Madden

Willis Madden was initiated into the Pershing Rifles in the Fall of 1986, at Company Oscar – 4th Regiment at Virginia State University, where he held a number of staff positions inclusing CO, XO and S-1.

Commissioning as an Army 2LT in 1991, he embarked upon his military career by entering the Aviation Branch, attending OBC and Initial Entry Rotary Wing Training at Ft Rucker Alabama, becoming a Scout Pilot. Stationed at Ft Wainwright in the 6th ID, Willis was part of the 4th SQN, 9th CAV, Buffalo Soldiers! Subsequent postings found him at Ft Hood with the 13th COSCOM, and the 1ST CAV, before moving to the Transportation Branch after which he commanded in the 13 CSB at Ft Benning.

He moved into Functional Area 49, Operations Research, Systems Analysis at Ft Lee before moving to Ft Knox, and the Pentagon. He has Commanded, and held many staff positions, working with the United States Recruiting Command, the United States Army Reserve Command, and on the Department of the Army Staff with the Office of the Chief, Army Reserve. Retiring in 2011, Willis continued his service to his country as a contractor with ASM Research, where he currently supports the Army at the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

Willis has also worked with several Community organizations in addition to the Pershing Rifles, to include the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America, American Legion, AUSA, and has been Chair of two 501-C-3 Non-Profit organizations. He and his wife Charlotte Madden currently reside in King and Queen County., and has 5 children, 2 currently serving in the Army.