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We highly encourage NSPRAA members to join with a local unit, either with their Brothers from tehir school, or with Brothers in their local area, to fellowship, provide service, and work to support our undergraduate Brothers.  If there is no unit established, or you have a loose group that is in contact with each other, go ahead and Charter an NSPRAA Graduate unit.  Graduate, or Alumni Units, or AA Units can be either matching Company – Regiment designations that are associated directly with undergraduate units that they were a part of,

or they can be established as Area / Regional based company units, (called and ARC) serving a specific Geographic footprint – like the Central Arkansas ARC

Why should we Establish a Graduate Company?

There are many reasons why you should but a few are:

  • Camaraderie with Brothers from your School, or that live in your state
  • Formalize already informal organization / participation
  • Institutionalize a formal Support network to assist and support our Undergrads:
  • your undergraduate unit (for school specific units – CAA),
  • or for units within your regional area (for Regional units – ARC)

Who is/needs to be involved in this process?

  • This is a Graduate action, so undergraduates are not involved
  • The group needs to select a POC that will lead the effort and work with NSPRAA, and who will stay in contact with your new unit membership Does NOT Have to be an officer, but Could become an officer

When should we establish our company?

Now!  What are you waiting for!  Not finished yet?

What IS the process?  How do we do it?

First Step

Find your Brothers!  Get 5-10 Brothers from your proposed unit to register as an active Alumni

  • Get them over to
  • Click Members from the dropdown menu at the top
  • Click Join, and fill out the information
    • Make sure to select ALUMNI so you don’t go into the wrong division
    • You can set up recurring payment on renewal date to keep from lapsing

Second Step

The POC for your new unit would need to fill out the application located HERE     for the new unit.

Once the application is received, the NSPRAA Membership team will contact you as your charter is working, and let you know when its been approved.

Charters that have been approved are issued to the new unit during the Alumni Dinner at the next available NATCON.

The Graduate Operations Guide can be downloaded here – NSPRAA GSOP-21