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Benefits of Joining NSPRAA


Why should I pay dues to the National Alumni Association if I can participate in my company alumni association or area chapter?  

The mission of NSPRAA is to support all Pershing Rifles companies at the undergraduate level, and to support the development of all alumni activities.  The stronger we are as a national alumni organization, the more we can directly contribute to the development of future military leaders.  Active companies of the National Society of Pershing Rifles do not enjoy the same level of support that once existed from ROTC. Many times, companies struggle to survive because they do not have the resources or alumni support that is needed. Also, an engaged national alumni association can make great strides in promoting and spreading goodwill of the organization in a way that one cannot possible do as an undergrad.

By paying dues to NSPRAA, you are directly contributing to the development of future military and civilian leaders.  For only $60.00 a year, you can make a difference, and receive the extensive benefits listed below:

All members of NSPRAA who register below shall receive the following:

  1. Official Pershing Rifles Membership Card (digitally enhanced and printed on hard plastic)
  2. NSPRAA Membership Shingle (sent annually)
  3. Enrollment in National Benefits Discount Program which offers thousands of discounts nationwide at retailers, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc.
  4. Access to Online Store on the Unit Management System (UMS).  Only alumni who pay dues and receive a login may order official Pershing Rifles paraphernalia.
  5. Subscription to Quarterly Newsletter of the National Society of Pershing Rifles and the NSPRAA National Alumni Newsletter.
  6. Discount for you and your spouse/partner at all national events organized by NSPRAA including the National Convention & Alumni Reunion, and the annual John J. Pershing Rifles Memorial Drill Competition.

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