The outreach section provides an opportunity for both Alumni Units, and members at-large, to provide Service to our Pershing Family, as well as Service to the Community, while working to develop future leaders either in the High School or College arena.

High School Outreach – Blackjacks

If providing Service to your Community by assisting with the development of Citizenship and Leadership in High School youth, is of interest to your AA unit (or to you as an At-Large/individual Brother), our High School Outreach

Our High School outreach, is working with the National Society of BlackJacks.  The BlackJacks provide a school with an existing Junior Reserve Officer Training Course (JROTC) for any of the services, to implement an Honors Society within their Corps of Cadets.

We are looking for Alumni units and individual Alumni to volunteer to coordinate BlackJack efforts in their states/footprint.  To volunteer, please contact the Outreach-HS Lead.  For More information Click here


College Outreach – NSPR

Retention/Expansion – Our Collegiate outreach is working with the Undergraduates of the National Society of Pershing Rifles.  We have seen from time to time, that a unit has cased its colors at a particular college or university.  This happens for various reasons, and when Graduates/Alumni hear that a unit is no longer on Campus, restarting this unit is in the realm of the NSPR G-2.  Often, however, this can be an extended process, depending on the varying level of acceptance by the institution.  Undergraduates are only on the campus for a short time, and have other obligations that sometimes distract from completing the process, whereas Graduates/Alumni (especially if they live within an hour of the Institution) can often provide the stability which is needed to push through efforts which may take time,

Efforts by alumni to assist in the rebirth of such a unit would be coordinated with the PRG Retention Office, and the NSPR G-2, in order to bring this unit back!  If you find that your college falls into this scenario, and would like to assist in bringing your unit back, we recommend 2 things.

  • Bolster your Graduate unit – if you do not have a Graduate unit, Contact Membership and get your unit started
  • Contact College Outreach and get started on the road towards re-chartering the Undergraduate unit.

We hope to provide more information here in the future on the specific steps to be taken by Graduates/alumni working to reestablish a unit.

Maintenance – If units find themselves at a low point in their operations, Customs, standards, and traditions can be lost, morale can deteriorate, and these environments can contribute to a unit casing its colors.  As mentioned above, where Undergraduates are on a campus for only a short time, Graduates/Alumni can provide a stability through time, that undergraduates can not.  In conjunction with the Operations Section, the Alumni Advisor program was developed to assist in the long term health of a unit, through Alumni interaction and guidance.  While not yet formalized at the national level within the NSPR, some units are voluntarily using this program to maintain continuity, and ensure their future.