NSPRAA Annual Business Meeting at NATCON



     Registration for NATCON 2022 is scheduled to open in DEC of 21, but NOW is the time to put it on your calendars, for the 10th – 13th of March 2022!   The 128th Anniversary of Pershing Rifles  will see our National Convention, held in Lexington Kentucky.   We hope to see you and your Brothers and Sisters from your unit!

REGISTRATION costs are still being worked out, but are estimated to be roughly $95.00 per Graduate (alumni) Pershing Rifleman and guest this year.  Registration and attendance is open to both financial and non-financial members.    Once registration is open, you will be able to register for NATCON HERE.

     As always, we’d like to remind you that all active/financial NSPRAA Members will receive a 10% discount on registration!!  If you’ve not yet joined, or your membership has lapsed, you can fix that HERE!


Proposed Schedule:

Thursday, 10 MAR 22

Registration                                                                                                                      Room TBA

Pershing Rifles, Graduate/Alumni Division Workshop                              Room TBA

Pershing Rifles, Graduate/Alumni Division Dinner                                      Room TBA


Friday, 11 MAR 22

Drill Meet                                                                                                                     Room TBA

Optional Spouse Event                                                                                         Event TBA

Saturday 12 MAR 22

0900 – PRG Opening – Opening session for all                                       Room TBA

1000 – NSPRAA Annual Business Meeting (see below)                  Room TBA

1400 – Pershing Rifles Leadership Panel – Pershing Rifles and Angels currently serving in the Army and Air Force (Active, Guard, or Reserve) between the ranks of CPT and COL, will answer candid questions from our undergrads and those in the Audience

1600 – Financial Planning – a look at what graduating Brothers, and those in the first band of membership should be thinking about, and preparing for, as they embark upon, and improve upon their careers.

1800 – Cocktail hour

1900 – Awards and Recognitions Dinner – In the tradition of the Dining Out, Join us in your finest uniforms and Dress for the Formal Evening Dinner event, while we recognize several of our membership.

2100 – TBA – It wouldn’t be a P/R event, without an opportunity to rub elbows with our Brothers, and make a few toasts, share a few stories, and have a few drinks!


Sunday 13 MAR 22


Brunch – TBA



Nominations for 2022 Unsung Hero award ,and Proposed Bylaws Amendments can be made through this site.  Voting will take place at the Alumni Business Meeting and Legislative Session  for all active (financial) members of NSPRAA.  All active members are eligible to make nominations and propose amendments.


The Unsung Hero Award is awarded annually to NSPRAA members who go above and beyond in a capacity to serve the organization in an effort to fill a void or “pick up slack” when needed. These members often go unnoticed by the body at large, but play a vital role in the mission’s success. We award two Unsung Hero Awards each year.

You can submit a Brother through the form HERE.


UNIT Awards – TBA, per Grad Unit SOP


Legislative Session
Annually, during the Annual Business Meeting and Legislative Session, the general body will consider proposed amendments to the NSPRAA Bylaws.  Bylaws amendments must pass by majority vote.
For your review, the current NSPRAA Bylaws can be seen HERE

Any proposals can be made HERE

There is no Presidential election in 2022.   This section provided for information only.

   Presidential Election – To nominate a fellow member for the office of  National President, the nominee must be as follows:

  • An active dues paying member of NSPRAA prior to January 1, 2021.
  • Not subject of/to any disciplinary action or hazing/misconduct investigation from NSPR Undergrad, NSPRAA or the Pershing Rifles Group as an undergraduate or alumni member within the last five (5) years.
  • Must commit to a two (2) year presidential term.

All nominating members must write a statement of support and must confer with their nominee prior to making a nomination and ensure that the nominee is willing to accept the nomination. The head of the Elections Committee to confirm eligibility and acceptance prior to moving forward and will contact all nominees.

You can Nominate through the form HERE.


All active members present at NATCON will be eligible to vote via secure electronic ballot. Electronic ballots will be available at from 11:00 – 3 PM on Saturday.

All nominees for National President and for the Unsung Hero awards must meet the following criteria:

  • An active dues paying member of NSPRAA prior to January 1, 2021.
  • Not subject of/to any disciplinary action or hazing/misconduct investigation from NSPR (Undergrad), NSPRAA (Grad) or the Pershing Rifles Group (HQ) as an undergraduate or alumni member within the last five (5) years.

     Per NSPRAA Bylaws, each active member must have be active and be in good standing no later than March 1, in order to be eligible to vote in the Legislative Session.

See the links for the online nominations and proposals for consideration at NATCON 2021. A list of the key dates and deadlines are listed below as well:

NATCON Registration Closes:   ESTIMATED – March 1, 2022

NSPRAA Nominations Close: ESTIMATED –February 26, 2022

NSPRAA Bylaws Proposals Close:  ESTIMATED –March 1, 2022

Must Be NSPRAA Active Member to Vote in Election By:  March 1, 2022

If you would like to honor the organization by becoming a NATCON Sponsor, click here.

We thank you for your support of NSPRAA and the Pershing Family of Organizations! We hope you will help us make this a great event, encourage your Brothers and Sisters (both Undergrad and Grad) to join us, and we look forward to seeing you at NATCON 2022!