Member Categories

Within the National organization, members are divided into two individual categories, and two group categories (listed below).  Membership in NSPRAA is separate from any membership requirements at the chapter level.

  1. Affiliate Membersare those individuals who belong to an established and chartered company alumni association (CAA) or area chapter (AC). Assigned members may be a member of one or both alumni group classifications based on your geographic region and your alma mater.
  2. Member-At-Largeare individuals that joined Pershing Rifles at a college or university that does not have a company alumni association and, who also do not live near an area chapter.

    There are two types of groups under which alumni may be organized:

  3. Company Alumni Association (CAA)is an organization of members that attended the same college or university as an undergraduate member of Pershing Rifles. Not all colleges that have had Pershing Rifles units throughout the years have organized alumni groups, but anyone can start one.
  4. Area Chapter (AC)is a collection of alumni Pershing Rifles members who are associated and gathered together by a particular geographical region or military installation for the purposes of conducting official Alumni activities in the name of NSPRAA. If there is not an area chapter locally to you, but there are other Pershing Rifles alumni nearby, you can form an Area Chapter.

Members in good standing nationally are free to join both their school’s CAA and AC, so long as they fulfill any membership requirements that each respective group may have.

There is no longer a fee to organize and activate an alumni group. Dues are on an individual basis only, and up to each member to determine whether they want to be a member "in good standing" with the National Alumni Association. Dues of $60 per year annually entitle you to multiple benefits.