Brand and Vendor Management Team – NSPRAA

The  Brand and Vendor Management Team works with Small and Large businesses that produce and sell paraphernalia to organizations of the The Pershing Rifles Group. The National Society of Pershing Angels (NSPA), National Society of Pershing Rifles, (both the NSPR and the NSPRAA), and National Society of BlackJacks (NSBJ).

For our Membership

The NSPRAA has 2 representatives to the Brand and Vendor Management team, which operates at the PRG level, and has members from the NSPRAA, the NSPA, the NSPR, and the NSBJ.  If you have questions about whether your unit must coordinate with the BVMT for your next unit project, please contact them at or visit their website at  PRG-BVMT-LINK HERE

Brothers and Sisters of the Pershing Rifles or Pershing Angels looking for the Authorized Vendors list, or the Unauthorized Vendors List, should look in the Members Only section.

For Businesses Small and Large

Are you a company who sells or would like to sell paraphernalia to organizations and looking to widen your customer base to members of The Pershing Rifles Pershing Angels or BlackJacks?  By becoming a licensed vendor of the PRG, your company will be authorized to produce and sell merchandise for the National Society of Pershing Rifles, the National Society of Pershing Angels, Inc., and the National Society of Blackjacks with the endorsement of the of the Pershing family.

With the intent of enabling creativity and variety, while providing quality products to our membership and ensuring the protection of our Brands, The PRG encourages any company looking to sell Pershing apparel and accessories to submit an application to the Brand and Vendor Management Team through their Web Portal at PRG-BVMT-LINK HERE