Brotherhood does NOT end at Graduation

Brother, we’ve been looking for you!

Dear Brother,

Do you remember why you became a member of the Pershing Rifles when you were in college?

It’s the personal connection that has led each member here which represents the real heart of the Society. For me it was the distinctiveness, Brotherhood, camaraderie, and spirit of service.

Being a member of The Pershing Rifles Family is about making surevery Rifleman has a place to go to find the people who understand what their experience means. It is ensuring we have enough resources to provide for every future leader, so they can all enjoy the American dream that they themselves are working to achieve.

As alumni, we hope to be a part of the fight to ensure that our fellow veterans receive the support they deserve, that our Brothers are poised to succeed, and that rewarding career opportunities are available for Rifleman and their families.

No matter your reason, as a Brotherhood, we have a common purpose: to celebrate our legacy and carry the National Society of Pershing Rifles into the next century.

Join Us in Ensuring that our Future Remains Bright!

Together, our dedication and the strength in numbers will allow us to continue standing tall for veterans, service members and future officers as Pershing Rifles continues forward in its second century of service.

In the bond,
Willis Madden,
National President

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