Welcome to the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association

The National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (NSPRAA) is home to the Alumni membership Division of the Pershing Rifles Fraternal Military Organization. As the Oldest Collegiate based Military Fraternal Organization, we continue to work through Alumni Units and At Large membership, to facilitate opportunities to re-connect and continue to share in the bonds of friendship and brotherhood espoused during our undergraduate years, and to assist the undergraduate division of the Pershing Rifles, in the accomplishment of its missions.

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Pershing Rifles Heritage

Find out about the  rich military, civilian, and cultural heritage that starts with the Founder and extends through the Brotherhood's 125+ year existence, to the present day, by viewing the accomplishments of those Brothers on The Heritage List.

National Convention (NATCON)

New information on NATCON (the National Convention) can be found  HERE