• What does the new alumni merger mean?
    This past March at NATCON 2016, the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (NSPRAA) and the Pershing Rifles Group (PRG) entered into a mutually-agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a strategic partnership to make NSPRAA the official alumni association of the National Society of Pershing Rifles. The former official alumni association, the Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (PRAA), has folded into NSPRAA to make one official alumni Association, which will now be NSPRAA.
  • I thought the PRG was the old alumni association, right?prg-logo
    Incorrect. The PRAA was the old alumni association that existed prior to the PRG's formation. When the PRG started operation on 2012, the PRAA was a subordinate organization that was placed under the PRG's organizational structureAny alumni member associations and members-at-large that paid dues to the PRG were in fact a part of PRAA.
  • Ok. I was formerly a member of PRAA. What happens to my membership record now?
    Any at-large alumni members will be formerly with the PRAA will need to re-register under the new system. If you previously paid dues for the PRAA in 2015-16, you will be a select group that will be grandfathered dependent your last dues payment.
  • I was formerly a member of NSPRAA. What happens to my membership record?
    If you were member of NSPRAA pre-merger, you must register and pay your member dues here (insert link to registration page). Once completed and confirmed with payment, you will receive confirmation of your payment and will go through the New Member on-boarding process.
  • I was not a member of either organization, but want to be active. How do I do so?
    Please go to the NSPRAA national website here and complete the new member application. Once completed and confirmed with payment, you will receive confirmation of your payment and will go through the New Member on-boarding process.
  • My home undergraduate company was a Member Association under the old dues structure of $250/year for PRAA. What happens to our dues for this current year?
    Certain former Member Associations will be grandfathered into the new structure. Others will follow the new dues structure. All newly formed company alumni units and new area chapters will be governed under the new dues structure. Those companies who are grandfathered will be contacted by NSPRAA National Headquarters (NHQ).
  • What is the new dues structure for NSPRAA?
    NSPRAA will now adopt a new national dues structure to be paid on an individual or per-member basis. Each individual member will be responsible for paying their national dues directly to NSPRAA NHQ.  New Company Alumni Associations (CAAs) and Area Chapters (ACs) will not be required to pay a association/chapter dues assessment to be active each year.
  • If company alumni associations do not have to pay a dues assessment, what does my company alumni association need to remain active?
    Each company alumni association must submit an updated roster twice annually to maintain good standing with NSPRAA.
  • My home company alumni wants to be active as CAA within NSPRAA. How do we do so?
    All interest in forming a new CAA should be directed to NSPRAA NHQ and the National Expansion Director (ED). The ED will work with a point of contact to begin the chartering process.
  • I’m an active nationally and within my CAA, but I’m geographically far away from them. I am interested in forming an alumni chapter in my area. How can I do so?
    All interest in forming a new Area Chapter (AC) should be directed to NSPRAA NHQ and the National Expansion Director (ED). The ED will work with a point of contact to begin the chartering process.
  • How much are the new alumni dues?
    Members will pay a member fee of $50 plus a one-time $10 administrative fee upon registration. These dues will include processing and administration of the member on-boarding process. Dues will be $50 on an ongoing basis upon annual renewal, until agreed to be changed via legislative national session at the annual Pershing Rifle NATCON.
  • What do I get for my $60 initial member fee?
    Each new member will be mailed an initial issue packet. This will include a new membership certificate/shingle signed by the NSPRAA National president, a Pershing Rifles lapel pin, and a national membership card.
  • What does my annual ongoing dues go towards?
    Your ongoing national dues payment goes towards numerous administrative costs and functions to keep NSPRAA a functional organization. It also goes towards programs that supports the vision and purpose of NSPRAA and the PRG at large and undergraduate NSPR programs if deemed necessary, including Pershing Rifle NATCON and other alumni meetings to occur before or after NATCON. Each member shall receive an original certificate to reflect renewal to show current standing in the organization.Further information on how dues and other revenue are allocated will be included in NSPRAA Financial Reports, which will be made available to all members in good standing on an annual basis.
  • What kind of programs will the new NSPRAA support going forward?
    Ongoing programs supported by NSPRAA and its members will include Pershing Rifle NATCON and the newly formed NSPRAA National and Regional Alumni Conclaves, which will be organized to begin tentatively for 2018. Future programs such as community initiatives to support retired military veteran such as the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW), university and community-at-large programs/charities and possible collaboration with the National Society of Blackjacks (NSBJ) and local high school Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), are being developed and are expected to be presented to members at NATCON 2017.
  • Can we expect any other structural changes to NSPRAA in the near future?
    NSPRAA NHQ is currently looking to establish structure to the organization on a regional basis to manage alumni affairs on a micro level. These regions will be divided into a structure similar to the undergraduate NSPR regimental structure, but will not be limited to that particular alignment. NSPRAA NHQ will organize new regions when deemed necessary.
  • What about our dues at the CAA or AC level?
    Each organized CAA or AC will determine whether or not they will charge their members local dues. If a CAA or AC collect dues, it will be collected and managed by that association/chapter.Each CAAs or ACs local member dues should be equal to or lesser than the national alumni membership dues. At no time, should the CAA or AC assess dues in an amount that exceed the amount of the annual national alumni membership dues.
  • I have more questions. Who should I direct them to?
    Please direct your additional questions to:

    • NSPRAA NHQ: nspraaa@pershingriflesalumni.org
    • Membership Questions:
    • Expansion Questions: