• Continue to foster the spirit of friendship among alumni, undergraduate Pershing Riflemen, and the Reserve Officers Training Corps of the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • Maintain and pass on the traditions and history of the Pershing Rifles, and coordinate the delivery of these traditions to undergraduate Pershing Rifles units.
  • Maintain direct support to the undergraduate Pershing Rifles and assist in the stability of the Pershing Rifles into the future.
  • Serve as facilitators and counselors to active Pershing Rifles units as may be appropriate.
  • Maintain and sustain a positive image of the Pershing Rifles in the community and across the nation.
  • Maintain a continuing and mutually beneficial relationship with the National Society of Pershing Angels, and
  • Support the National Society of Pershing Angels within our capabilities and as may be requested and appropriate.
Willis Madden
Teon Singletary
Vice President
Communications Director
Donte Hanns
Membership Director
David Lewis
Operations Director
Elizabeth McNair
Administration Officer
National Service Director
Nick Campagna
Outreach Director & Blackjack President
J. Sargent “Sarge” Slicer