• Continue to foster the spirit of friendship among alumni, undergraduate Pershing Riflemen, and the Reserve Officers Training Corps of the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • Maintain and pass on the traditions and history of the Pershing Rifles, and coordinate the delivery of these traditions to undergraduate Pershing Rifles units.
  • Maintain direct support to the undergraduate Pershing Rifles and assist in the stability of the Pershing Rifles into the future.
  • Serve as facilitators and counselors to active Pershing Rifles units as may be appropriate.
  • Maintain and sustain a positive image of the Pershing Rifles in the community and across the nation.
  • Maintain a continuing and mutually beneficial relationship with the National Society of Pershing Angels, and
  • Support the National Society of Pershing Angels within our capabilities and as may be requested and appropriate.
Brian R. Cox
Willis Madden
VP Operations
Jamar Littlejohn
Expansion Officer
Teon Singletary